-Critical Error-
Critical Error
Level Information
Creator Unknown
Difficulty N/A (Hopefully Extreme Demon)
Stars N/A (Hopefully 10*)
Level ID Unknown
Song Phobos
Composer Solkrieg

-Critical Error- also known as Critical Error is an extreme demon speculated to be slightly above the difficulty of Yatagarasu. The level was a collaboration between Yoyo24, xZor124, Deathable and Zilla. Unfortunately, Death and Zilla are both deceased. Most people believe that the collaboration was hacked by Yoyo, but a handful also believe that the above 50 thousand attempts were real. Since it is an old level, there are several parts that lack in the decoration area. The level was originally started in 1.9, but was changed in 2.0. The song for the level is "Phobos" by Solkrieg.


Deathable 1: The level starts off with an interesting jump orb maze. The word "DEATH" appears in large green text using 3D objects and is followed by a difficult ship section. Then, a warning saying "Don't go on... you will die" is visible before the end of the part.

Zilla 1: A short, difficult UFO section followed by a cube transition into a tricky wave part. A mini ball with a small bit of memory being required is followed by an easy UFO section. There is text that says "Fun time is over..." before it switches to cube for the drop of the song.

Deathable 2 (electric boogaloo): Here, the words "CRITICAL ERROR" are present, timed with the words spoken by a Portal turret in the song. An extreme ship sequence follows, which involves numerous mirror portals, size portals, gravity portals, jump orbs and speed changes.

Yoyo (Pringl3s): This part starts off with an invisible wave portal. There are very tight wave spaces before a small mini portal appears before the player's size is converted back to large.

Zilla 2: This consists of a fast-paced ship sequence followed by a wave segment, then a similar section upside down, followed by a mini ship sequence and then a normal wave section.

Deathable 3: A mini ship section begins. There are many speed changes and invisible spikes. It is noted in the level that said section has been nerfed a lot.

Xzor124 1: A wave surrounded by normal and invisible spikes. A triple speed portal followed by the words "Step forth, and be recognised."

Yoyo 2: Red text says "The Cross Trials." There are then cross shaped blocks, where you can not distinguish what you can go through and what you can't. This cube part is followed by a robot section that is similar.

Zilla 3: A tricky flying section. There is a green orb that shouldn't be used as it is a trick.

Xzor124 2: A relatively easy ball section that requires a bit of memory. There is a demon inspired by The Hell Zone.

Yoyo 3: A triple speed ship section, with plenty of straight fly. This is followed by a mini ship, with straight flying similar to that of Crack's part in Bloodbath. The gameplay slows down for a second and continues with normal ship.

Xzor124 3: A very hard triple speed dual mini ship through one block space. This is followed by extremely precise triple speed wave followed by a slow mini wave. Text appears saying "Take a break..." and there are numerous saws that can kill the player. This is followed by more mini ship, with the text "The pain shall end..." This is followed by a slow speed portal. Then, the level ends.


The level started construction in January 2015, surprisingly. Originally, the level featured parts from older players in the community, such as name withheld and name withheld. When 2.0 was released in August that year, a few changes had been made. The first video published of the level onto YouTube was Jack0b220's start pos cut video, posted June 3rd 2016, just a few days after the level was posted.


  • The level was verified when Yoyo was 12 years old.
  • Yoyo has stated that he is not proud of the level.
  • Sadly, Both Deathable and Zilla are dead.
  • An update was made for the level, but the servers will not allow Yoyo to update the level.
  • The level has a small following.
  • The exact date of the level's construction beginning was 14th January, 2015.
  • Many people assume that the level took influence from Phobos, but this can not be possible.
  • Many parts of the level were replaced, such as name withheld's part being replaced by xZor124's ball segment.

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