-Winle Day-
Level Information
Creator Dimavikulov26
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 4Star
Level ID 6976033
Song The Maze of Mayonnaise
Composer Holyyeah/Bossfight

-Winle Day- is a level created by Dimavikulov26.


This level is created in the style of Geometrical Dominator, after the first 2.0 sneak peek was released, due to the graphics, textures, and the Dragons part, The mirror portals were used as teleportation portals, the wave part's monsters are the Update 2.0 monsters, and the Dual Ball sequence is very hard, There are some text such as "Coming Soon" "Thank 2.0" and "Dragons 2.0".


  • This level has been controversial due to the claims from other players that he was copying Etzer and Ludwig
  • Dimavikulov26 has also been controversial for not only copying Etzer's part, but also copying some of TriAxis' levels, and claims from other players that he is a copycat.
  • The Dragons 2.0 part used to have no monsters, but it was updated so there are the Update 2.0 monsters and a lot of Ludwig's graphics used.


2.0 INCOMING! Geometry Dash -101:04

2.0 INCOMING! Geometry Dash -1.9- - -Winle Day- by Dimavikulov26

Credits to GuitarHeroStyles for this video

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