Level Information
Creator T3mpl4te
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 9962546
Song Uninstall
Composer Danyool777

10 is a notoriously hard level created by T3mpl4te. Due to its sheer difficulty, the level is generally considered as a Hard or Very Hard Demon. But for skilled players, it is considered a Medium Demon.

Overview Edit

This level has a tough difficulty, and the level's style is obviously a Sunset style, very similar to TriAxis' levels. Roughly, the level's background and ground is always black.

Gameplay Edit

The level begins as a cube mode, involving of timed jumps. Because the level's color scheme is mainly black and white, the level may surprise the player at first because of the suddenly appearing hazards via the background changes.

Then followed by a fairly hard ball sequence, consisting of timings and mashing. The next segment is a ship mode, which involves decent flying skills and fakes.

Then, there is a difficult wave segment. Carefully listening to the music and sync will actually help the player pass through this part.

The next segment is a very hard cube consisting of fakes, trolls, and very precise timings. Each time, the background scheme and object color of this part changes into white, gray, and black.

Then, followed by a slow speed ball mode, consisting of difficult timings, unnoticed spikes, fakes, and mostly timings. This part features an object which probably resembles a 'lampshade' which are made out of 3DL.

Afterwards, there is a UFO sequence, which only involves around listening to the music sync, due to the fake gravity portals that will likely kill the player. Then, the speed changes from normal then into double speed, and text saying '10 D1E' will appear.

The music then drops, followed by a very hard wave sequence. Here, there are "black" blocks that are hazards which if not dodged, can hit the player quite easily. The ground and the top of the wave mode has wavy thorns with a decoration that somehow, resembles water.

Then, there is a ship mode which only consists of clicking jump rings and a straight-fly segment. Afterwards, there is a brief wave mode in the end of the ship segment.

The last segment is probably the most hardest part of the entire level. It consists of a very hard mixed ship/wave dual, followed by a mixed UFO/cube dual, then a mixed ball/ship dual.

Afterwards, the level ends as a ship, and the player is greeted by the words 'GG'.

Trivia Edit

  • It took over 970 attempts for T3mpl4te to verify this level, as he managed to verify it legitimately.
    • T3mpl4te rebeat it for YouTube.
  • This is his third demon level in-game. The other two demons are Aurora, Overpowered (For Dhafin's CC), and The Bridge.
  • It was previously believed that 10 was named after the 10 parts in the final dual segment, but T3mpl4te has confirmed that he chose the name for no particular reason.
    • One other belief was that this level was named after the custom level's demon rating, which was coincidentally 10 stars.
  • The level has a sequel called XYZ.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash - 10 by T3mpl4te (Demon) Complete (Live)

Geometry Dash - 10 by T3mpl4te (Demon) Complete (Live)

Credits to Krazyman50.