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Country USA
Age 12
Levels 18 (None Starred)
Other Info
Crew Team Robotic
Position Unknown
YouTube Channel [1]

1nertat0 (formerly known as Inertato) is an undeterred USA mobile player in Geometry Dash who had once used the unlock all icons hack, and is known to use the 30 demon icon with the colors blue and yellow.

In 2016, he received a new PC for Christmas, only to download noclip hacks a few weeks later. He then hacked Extreme Demons such as Bloodbath and Cataclysm. He no longer uses hacks today, and is now a legitimate player. He said he used the noclip hacks only to get to 30 demons, so that he did not have to use hacks on PC.

He is currently a builder in the mega-collaboration team, Team Robotic. He got into it when he looked at his global leader board and found Ayush7893 (TheRealTantrum) and got to know him well. He soon became his friend, and then Ayush7893 asked him if he wanted to join his team. So Inertato accepted and joined Team Robotic.

Inertato's most notable accomplishments include: beating Ditched Machine by Jeyzor twice, which you can find footage on his YouTube channel, beating all official levels (Stereo Madness through Fingerdash) with all 3 secret coins, and beating Deadlocked. Now he has 2k+ stars and 30+ demons, even though only about half of them are legit.


Levels are listed by upload date


  • Level Mix (Short)
  • Chaoz Impact (Long)
  • Toe 3 (Tiny)
  • Make A Challenge (Short)
  • Challenge (Short)
  • Faek Background (Tiny)
  • 2Player2 (Tiny)
  • Testt (Tiny)


  • Alert For RobTop (Medium) (No Stars)


  • DorabaeBasic8 (Medium) (No Stars)
  • Stay Inside Me (Short) (No Stars)
  • Nine Circles Wave (Medium) (No Stars)
  • 76 (Tiny) (No Stars)
  • ExtremeDemonLayout (Short) (No Stars)


  • HF Different Music1 (Long) (No Stars)
  • Diepio Boss Fight (Short) (No Stars)
  • Possible (Tiny) (No Stars)
  • RealViPerzz (Short) (No Stars)


  • Inertato's second account is InertatoL3GIT, which he is very inactive on.
    • It is basically a legit account that he does not use hacks on.
  • He also has a brother that plays Geometry Dash, and his account name is seven45root.
    • Inertato claims that his first level, DorabaeBasic8, was created by seven45root on his account, which the name is obviously copied off Dorabae's series, DorabaeBasic.

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