1st level
Level Information
Creator RealStirm
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 0Star
Level ID 128
Song Base after Base
Composer DJVI (a.k.a. Sound Ward)

1st level is a 1.0 level created by Storm. As its name suggests, this is not only the creator's first level he ever created, but also the first custom level ever made in the entire game, the second being Spike Spike (now deleted) by this game's developer, RobTop himself.


The level is very basic, only consisting of simple blocks, spikes, and jump pads, as well as a triple spike in the 'ground.' It is quite easy to complete.


First Non-Deleted Custom level in Geometry Dash?01:07

First Non-Deleted Custom level in Geometry Dash?

Credits to ToshDeluxe.

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