Level Information
Creator Canletgo
Difficulty NA N/A
Stars Star 0
Level ID Unknown
Song Unity
Composer TheFatRat

9D is an upcoming level being created by Canletgo. However, because is an unregistered player, it is yet unknown if he will be able to verify the level himself. However, it is confirmed that the level will have user coins.


The level starts off with a confusing cube segment with a few tricky traps. Next, the player enters a wave segment, which will also have a few traps.

User coins

There are three user coins in this level.

  • The first user coin is at 10%, where the player can get by touching the invisible blue orb.
  • At the end of the wave, at 50%, the player needs to go up into the block at the top.
  • The third and final user coin is at 60%. If the player falls at 30%, then the player will grab a key for later in the level. At 60%, a jump pad that the key unlocked will give the player the last user coin. The player will also unlock some words that say "You missed detention. Some more." After that, a flashing and moving key appears and the player has crucial timing to get it. If the player doesn't get it, the player will crash into a 3-block-high wall under the creator's name. The creator's name will turn from 'Canletgo' to 'Cantletgo'.


  • Because Canletgo is new to Geometry Dash, the level might be too easy for other skilled players.
  • He made this for other levels of his that uses this format to get a user coin.

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