Level Information
Creator Hinds
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 14472378
Song Theory of Everything
Composer DJ-Nate

9Theory is a 2.0 Hard Demon created by Hinds. It is known for it being styled like Theory of Everything, as well as difficult timings, insane memorization, and some tough skill segments. It is generally considered an Insane Demon.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts with an easy cube segment with a few difficult timings. Next, the player enters a ship sequence with a few moderately tight spaces as well as some hard ship patterns. Then there is a cube part with a few tricks as well as some timings. This is followed by a UFO part that is moderately tight and requires some skill. There is then a relatively easy cube part with a little memorization. Then there is a hard ball part with some difficult timings. This is followed by a half speed mini ship sequence comprised of tight spaces. Then there is a relatively easy cube section, followed by a UFO with one jump and a triple spike cube jump. Then there is a longer UFO with tight spaces and many portals. Later, there are two fakes. The first one involves timing while the second one involves going through the front of a block. This is followed by a cube part with some hard timings. Then there is a relatively easy ball part. This is followed by a ship sequence comprised of moving spiked pillars and numerous gravity portals. Then, the level ends with the text "9Theory."

User Coins Edit

  • The first coin is located at 43%. The player must tap the blue orb late to miss the yellow jump pad and collect the coin.
  • The second coin is located at 56%. It needs good straight flying skill to collect.
  • The third coin is located at 74%. It requires good UFO skill to collect.

Trivia Edit

  • The level is 1.5 styled and inspired by Theory of Everything.
  • However, the level still has a few 2.0 features such as moving objects and scale/size.
  • There is an Easter egg around 54%, at the mini ship mode. To get into it, you must pass through a gap between two spike blocks over the ship portal, then the message "Damn..." will appear.

Fails Edit

  • Happy crashed twice at 82%.
  • Failure444 died at 82% and 83%.
  • SrGuillester crashed 3 times at 83% and once at 85%.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash - Hinds (me) - 9Theory (Very Hard Demon)

Geometry Dash - Hinds (me) - 9Theory (Very Hard Demon)

Credits to Hinds.