A New Theory
Level Information
Creator Gigarex
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 20943856
Song Theory of Everything 2
Composer Dj-Nate

A New Theory is a demon level created by Gigarex. The level is generally considered as an easy demon and is a remake of the game's main 18th level, Theory of Everything 2.


This level utilizes tons of 2.0 effects and designs, and the result is an overkill, astounding over-decorated level remake.

Unlike the original Theory of Everything 2, this level uses some sequences and game-modes that aren't featured in the original level such as the robot game-mode, dual portal, etc.

There is also a low-detail mode in the beginning of the level to prevent and fix any lag throughout the level.

User Coins

The level's user coins locations are at exactly the same as those of Theory of Everything 2's secret coin locations. However, the second coin was moved at the third cube mode, hidden behind a smiley face, in a long dark hallway, after the song stopped its hectic pace.


  • The level uses a layout via a copy of Theory of Everything 2 in the server, which is why the level's game-play is almost exactly the same as those of the original level, only utilizing several effects and new game-play.
  • The level has a total of 41,105 objects, exceeding the normal 40,000 objects limit by 1105 objects.

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