Level Information
Creator SoulsTRK
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 19300593
Song Final Battle
Composer Waterflame

AcropoliX is a demon level by SoulsTRK. It is a v2 of Acropolis by Zobros, and has a similar design. It has buffed gameplay and 2.0 mechanics. It is known for very hard timings and ridiculous tight spaces. It is generally considered an Insane Demon, or an Extreme Demon.


The level starts with a cube part with very hard timings and many one space blue orb areas where the change of gravity is needed. Then there is a ball part with really hard timings and some very tight sections. This is followed by a a ship part with some tight spaces as well as a slew of jump rings and gravity portals. Then there is a robot part with some very tight jumps. Then there is a mini ship part with very tight spaces and an extremely hard timing near the end. This is followed by a UFO part with really tight spaces. Then there is a ball part with very tight timings. This is followed by a cube part with lots of very tight jumps. These jumps would be pixel-perfect with one more mini spike. The text "Good Luck..." appears at the end of this part, leading into what is likely the hardest part of the level. This is an extremely tight wave part with slews of gravity and size portals. At the end of this hard part, the text "Souls" appears, as well as "GG Souls TRK".


  • It is obviously a remake of Acropolis.
    • Both only use half speed.
  • It got featured extremely far back in the featured list, likely at least 50 pages back.
  • As the text Zobros is shown at the end of Acropolis in block form, the same thing happens at the end of this level with Souls as the name there.
  • Just before 12%, the player can skip the sequence with moving spikes. This can be done easily by jumping right before the mini portal.



AcropoliX 100% by SoulsTRK -Geometry Dash 204:04

AcropoliX 100% by SoulsTRK -Geometry Dash 2.0-

Credit to SoulsTRK.

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