Level Information
Creator TamaN
Difficulty Normal Normal
Stars 3Star
Level ID 9063899
Song (Chillstep) Adrift
Composer Balderact

Adrift is a 2.0 Normal 3* level created by TamaN. It is the third level in the Force Pack and is a relaxing chill level which is mostly blue with a swampy theme.


The level starts with an easy cube section. The player will have to tap two times to avoid two spikes.

Next will be a combination of two ship sequences and two UFO segments. This part is still easy but can be challenging to beginners. The first coin is located at the last UFO segment, which is segment #4.

Then there will be a cube section. Wait for some time and the speed will change to half speed. This part may require some tricky timings because the platforms are very close to each other. The second coin is located in the middle of this part.

There will be a ball section. This one is fairly easy but the short "spamming" part is a tiny bit hard. There will be another cube section which is also quite easy.

There will be a short auto segment next. After this comes the rapid 2x speed change. The player will have to time their jumps/flies/waves to correctly do this section. The section is divided into 8 segments:

  • 2x speed ship segment. Quite easy.
  • 1x speed cube segment.
  • 2x speed wave segment. May be hard for beginners.
  • 1x speed robot wave segment.
  • Same as #1 segment.
  • Same as #2 segment.
  • Same as #3 segment. The last coin is located here somewhere on the top of a slope.
  • 1x speed ball segment.

After this will be an easy cube segment. This is the last part and the player may have to be careful to not crash.

At the end will be Taman's logo which is a ship with "smoke" decorations.

User Coins Edit

  • The first user coin is located in the second UFO segment.
  • The second user coin is located at
  • The third and final user coin is located at

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash Map Pack Series - Force Pack - Adrift (by TamaN) All Coins

Geometry Dash Map Pack Series - Force Pack - Adrift (by TamaN) All Coins

credit to Muzik Bike. This video shows the full walkthrough of Adrift.

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