Afterchaos Beginning
Level Information
Creator Dreamzy
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 0Star
Level ID 19112031
Song Afterglow
Composer Geoplex

Afterchaos is the 50th Level made by Dreamzy and was created in March 2016.

It is mainly using one color with different shades for the deco, ground and background and uses Pulse Triggers alongside with Move Triggers to do some effects in it.

Recently it got updated which brought an addition to the end of the level, same with some effect updates to make it more synced in that field of Gameplay.

Gameplay Edit

The Gameplay begins with a semi-synced Cube Version, using a lot of Orbs and Gravity Portals until it transitions into a tube flying ship section, themed of being underwater as Jellyfish are able to be seen inside the water parts, in this section, Gravity Portals are also used which make it a bit harder to navigate unless you got good reactions.

After the last gravity portal inside that section, it transitions into a Ball Section, which is most likely factory themed and has a touch of Airborne Robots. The main detail here are moving Chains and Flashing, non-damaging, Lasers throughout the entire section.

It then transitions into a mini cube for a second, only to get thrown into a triple speed Mini UFO Section which is has a similar thematic to the ship section in the beginning. The Gameplay here is a lot of tube jumping, so the player has to time it whenever they tap/click to advance inside it. After that section, the UFO gets turned into a Normal Wave, which lacks some decoration and has a mechanical theme due to all the sawblade decoration inside of it. If the player also watches closely enough towards the end of this section, a single and loose Cogwheel can be found on the section's ceiliing.

Then it gets turned into a Cube section which is like the very first and opening Cube, only that it gets thrown out of sync with Gravity Portals and Orbs.

After a bad ending section, the whole Level gets dark and a "Thank You" with a heart symbol shows up, signalizing the thanks of Dreamzy towards the player for playing his level which he still has one particular Update in planning before transitioning into his Player Name, showing that he made it.

Trivia Edit

  • He made the Level in March 2016 for a Creator Contest on Reddit, and released it - two months later due to tight deadline - on May 1st
  • He currently updated the Level with more Decoration and synced triggers for the effects inside the Level.
    • The next update however will contain a major Gameplay update towards the end to fix the out of sync nature of it.