Country Turkey
Age 15
Levels 22 (none starred)
Other Info
Crew Unknown
Position 2362 (global)
YouTube Channel [1]

Agaloth is a less known, but a very skilled Turkish player and level creator in Geometry Dash. He has completed lots of Hard Demons, such as Poltergeist and 8o. He is also known for completing the Extreme Demon The Flawless. In addition, he verified The Chaos Machine, which is now apparently impossible due to a 2.1 bug.


Challenge series

  • MultiChallenge
  • Wave challenge xD
  • Illusion Challenge
  • Torture Challenge
  • Agaloths Challenge X

Greatest Achivements


  • He lost at least 4,000 stars due to a bug after syncing his data.
  • He recently opened all the chests in The Treasure Room.
  • It is unknown whether if he quit or not, as he posted that it might be the end of his gaming career due to failing grades.

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