AlterGame IV
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Level Information
Creator Serponge
Difficulty Easy Easy
Stars 2 Star
Level ID 17496044
Song Within The Sadness Remix
Composer 1f1n1ty

AlterGame IV is a 2.0 Easy 2* level created by Serponge. It is the first place winner of G4lvatron's Creator Contest.


Before the level starts, there are two "tip" keys. The level begins with a concept similar to Tetris, where you have to rotate shapes to fit into gaps.

Afterwards, there is a UFO segment that introduces the weird concept of objects that move when you tap. Here, the player must be cautious as there are numerous obstacles scattered along the way.

Next, there is another cube section with a background similar to that of the first concept. The concept, however, is different. You have to fit that block into a gap that is the same size as the hole to unlock the gap.

Then, there is the last concept, which involves rotating a shape to avoid hitting the red ground, hence the text saying "Don't Hit The Ground" before that.

Afterwards, there is one last ball sequence with a custom background similar to Tetris, and the level ends.


  • Despite being the first place winner in G4lvatron's creator contest, Serponge actually did not say anywhere that it was for the contest, and not even in the level description.


AlterGame IV by Serponge

AlterGame IV by Serponge

Credit to Jeyzor for the gameplay.