AlterGame X
Level Information
Creator Serponge (publisher), G4lvatron, Swell, llrell and AbstractDark
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 28224893
Song TAK - PAE-KI (meganeko Remix)
Composer Meganeko

AlterGame X is a Hard Demon collaboration between Serponge, Swirl, llrell, Abstract Dark and G4lvatron. It is the tenth AlterGame level in his ongoing AlterGame series.


This level is very unique due to all the mini-games created using many differnt triggers.


  • This is Serponge's very first demon-rated AlterGame level.


AlterGame X - Serponge, Abstract, G4lvatron, Swirl, Ilrell02:19

AlterGame X - Serponge, Abstract, G4lvatron, Swirl, Ilrell

the verificaition of AlterGame X. Credits to Serponge for this video.

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