Amazing Dream
Level Information
Creator Ludovic, Mellogang, Xblasterbadd, GwDavidGDGG, UnicJoss, NineDemon, XapoloX, WowwaW,YumeGD, Experience D, Zobros, Mapache Boss
Difficulty na
Stars Unknown
Level ID Unknown
Song outbraker
Composer hinkik

Amazing Dream is a upcoming extreme megacollab demon in progress by TeamHunter, the level will Search enter in the top of the most difficult demons where levels as Sonic Wave and Artificial Ascent This level is XL in length and it will be verified by MapacheBoss.

The goal of the team is to get the featured and ten stars and prove to RobTop that creators who are not famous can also create well and in addition to this be the rivals TeamN2

This Level Is Stile Rainbow And Very Colors :)


wowwaw: The first part is a mini ship sequence along with a pretty buffed wave segment accompanied by black obstacles and a rainbow background.

Mellogang: This mini wave segment is incredibly difficult accompanied by incredible obstacles with a rather quiet song, with a rainbow decoration and black obstacles one of the most difficult parts.

Blaterbadd: Ship quite difficult going through several obstacles and varied colors black obstacles and a rainbow background, This is actually a very beautiful part in the level.

GWDavidGDGG: Mini ship at maximum speed very hardcore that later becomes a spam click with big ship and two final orbs with a multicolored background

unicjoss: A ufo with a background made of several colors with black pinchos with more than 50 movements and several orbs

Ninedemon: Ball with timing at the start, a mini wave with white obstacles with a red background and white lines

XapoloX Designed by Wowwaw: Last part before the drop .... A tight wave followed by a ship to finish with 2 orbs at the end

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