Country Canada
Age 19
Levels 13 (12 starred)
Other Info
Crew Unknown
Position 94804 (Global)
YouTube Channel [1]

AncientAnubis (known simply as Anubis, now LmAnubis in-game) is a popular Canadian creator in Geometry Dash who became extremely popular in Update 2.0 after creating numerous complex and artistic designed levels. He is mostly known for creating hard levels such as El Dorado and Tomb of the Ancients. He has participated in certain collaboration levels like GrindZone and Yatagarasu. He is also known for creating the brown/gold Nine Circles Level called Antique Circles.


Unrated Levels

  • snake art contest

Medium Demons

  • Event Horizon (epic) - A collaboration with Squirrel, PanMan and Viprin.
  • Natures Essence (epic) - A collaboration with Zepher and EpicLucas.
  • Permafrost Caverns (featured) - Based on the Ice Age. It was his entry for Viprin's fifth Creator Contest.

Hard Demons

  • Captains Voyage (featured) - His entry for Viprin's sixth Creator Contest.
  • GrindZone (featured) - A collaboration with Manix648. Some artistic designs of this level was created by Turtlebro6.
  • Particle accelerator (featured)
  • Serpents Shrine (starred) - This is his first level ever created and his only level that was only rated rather being featured.
  • Tomb of the Ancients (featured) - Based on the Tombs of Egypt.
  • Tricksters Funhouse (featured) - His second demon level.

Insane Demons

  • Antique Circles (featured) - An epilepsy wave Nine Circles remake, arguably the hardest Nine Circles level remake, said to be on par with Crimson Clutter. This is also his first and only level with just one user coin included.
  • El Dorado (featured) - Arguably his hardest demon level. It was said to be a buffed version of Acropolis
  • Neon Cluster (featured) - A collaboration with Morphix.


  • All of AncientAnubis' created levels are demon rated, which is very similar to Manix648's levels.
  • He has a YouTube channel, but seldom upload videos.
  • He often streams his gameplay.
  • All of his levels are mostly Adventure-themed.