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Apocalyptic Trilogy
Level Information
Creator Alex PG, Korr, Tesla, Bohemian, CamoCat, Tomas, Deovise, Djoxy, Durian, Eclipsed, JustBasic, Kuki1537, laZZey, Nahuel2998, NitroN, PlayerWombat, Reduse, Rippy, Steelix, Skullkid, SlimJim, Spadekilla, Splash, TEX02, Uberx8, Vindik, Xyanide and Zimnior12 (host), set to be verified by Sunix
Difficulty TBA (Hopefully Extreme Demon Extreme Demon)
Stars TBA (Hopefully 10Star)
Level ID TBA
Song At the Speed of Light
Composer Dimrain47

Apocalyptic Trilogy (commonly abbreviated as APT) is an upcoming 2.1 Extreme Demon mega-collaboration hosted by Zimnior12 and set to be verified by Sunix, who currently has a record of 21% as of June 3rd.[1] The complete level was released only on YouTube, on February 15, 2018.[2] However, it remains uncertain if the level is complete.

Description Edit

The level itself is a second and legitimate version of the popular, near-impossible AfterCataBath which was also made by the mega-collaboration host. Due to this, it is frequently called "AfterCataBath Rebirth".

Being the second version of AfterCataBath, the entire level is redecorated with more 2.0/2.1-ish decorations. The entirety of the level is un-nerfed. Some sections, however, are slightly or insanely buffed.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is entirely taken from Cataclysm, Bloodbath, and Aftermath. The first ship sequence of Aftermath, however, is scrapped, similar to the first version of this level, to give room for GgB0y's part in Bloodbath.

Some gameplay additions have been added as well. For instance, the auto segment after the final wave section in Cataclysm, along with the auto transition to Bloodbath, were replaced with non-auto parts to further increase the level's overall difficulty. The final 10% of the level is auto to present the credits.

User Coins have also been added.

Trivia Edit

  • The level has 450,000 objects according to Zimnior12.
  • SEA commented that he thinks that this level will not have a huge effect on the community, maybe as much as CataBath or MultiBath did.
  • Sunix, the player set to verify this level, was chosen to verify it before he was even known by the majority of the community.
    • Zimnior12 chose Sunix to verify it in hopes that he would be more known by the community before the player gained popularity sometime later for being the very first player to legitimately beat Sonic Wave.
    • He managed to do a practice run on the original AfterCataBath, impressively with only 68 attempts.
    • In recent times, it seems like Sunix has moved pass this level to other levels, seeing that he didn’t upload a video of his current progress since reaching 21% on a early version.
  • Zimnior12 once hoped that the level would be completed before Update 2.1 was released. This appears to not to be the case.
  • The level is subject to nerfs, according to Sunix.
    • Sunix said "Excuse me what the f**k, this will have some nerfs lol"
  • This level has been in production for over a year. It was originally supposed to be completed in about two or three months.
    • Four people left the building phase, while another five people were kicked out due to long inactivity. This is the reason that had the level held back.
      • Some of the builders present in this mega-collaboration built more than one part in it, due to lack of builders and the fact that some of them left before they finished their parts.

Walkthrough Edit

The Apocalyptic Trilogy FULL LEVEL Geometry Dash 2.102 2

The Apocalyptic Trilogy FULL LEVEL Geometry Dash 2.102 2.113

The full decorated level of APT. Credits to Zimnior12 for the video.

Apocalyptic Trilogy 21% by Zimnior12 & More (Early Release) GD 2

Apocalyptic Trilogy 21% by Zimnior12 & More (Early Release) GD 2.1

Sunix’s current progress on the level, using a early version.

References Edit