Apple Squad
Apple Squad's Logo since February 2017
Leader Kurtthegolfer10
Number of Members 13
Levels None (1 upcoming)
Other Info
Date of Foundation 06/10/14
YouTube Channel None

Apple Squad is a relatively new Geometry Dash Clan, and was formally owned by Geometry Dash player, GMDBuddy. The clan was created on June 10th, 2014.

There are currently 6 positions (formally 7) in the clan, Leader, Co-leader, Secretary, Treasurer (removed) Elder, Member, and Guest. The leader is Kurtthegolfer10, co-leader is xXDeathTrap02Xx, and the secretary is GMDBuddy. The recruitment requirements can be attained by almost anyone: 100 Stars, 5 Secret Coins, 2 Demons, 10 User Coins, and 10 Gems. You need to have all of these in order to be recruited.

To apply to join, you need to contact GMDBuddy. Username: HiImBuddy: YouTube:

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