Around The World
Level Information
Creator TheRealSdslay
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 0Star
Level ID 8474853
Song Race Around The World
Composer Waterflame

Around The World is an unrated level created by Sdslayer100.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts off with a cube section. Here, the player will hit a yellow jump pad just in time to hit blue jump orb one but don't jump on to the gear. You will be thrown back to the ground. Jump over two spikes, under a block, then you have about a 1.5-second grace period to prepare for the wave section with a "Fast" Speed boost. The first area of the wave section is very difficult, with only about 1-block wide space for the wave to fly through. Fly up then down. Halfway through going down you will hit a "Slow" speed boost, making the 1-block wide space that is STRAIGHT even longer and harder to fly through. Once this section is cleared, you will have a bunch of invisible saws to fly through, though it is easy to see them because the background at this point is black. Then there are some diagonal blocks to fly through, but after the first one fly through some slightly-discolored blocks to fly through, then there is another one with discolored blocks but there are spikes here so, the second area fly up after the second one. Dodge a few more invisible saws, then fly carefully into the gravity ball portal. You will be on a slant, shift, and then shift again, hit the gravity orbs, then a small auto part follows. There is then a UFO part. (This doesn't follow the other style of the level before, because this part is created by someone else.) This section has a lot of gravity portals. You go through a mini-size portal, dodge a few more spikes, and then go into a wave portal, still being mini. This involves going higher so more wave portals are used. This part is one of the hardest in the levels. After this is a ball section, created by a third person. It has a letter "S" in the section hinting this section-creator's name. You then go through a dual portal and have to click/tap immediately. Then you go through a mini/cube/speed portal. (Very Fast Speed) You hit a yellow jump pad and click a yellow jump orb and then a wave/normal-size portal. There is also a "Slow" speed portal. Once the song makes it to a certain part you hit a Very Fast speed portal then a slow one again. This happens once more only upside-down now. You then go rightside-up and become a mini-wave. You fly through an easy section. Then a ball part. This is where the creators names are said. Then a mini-ship section. You fly through some tricky areas and finish off by flying through the "mouth" of a character made of blocks with a normal speed portal, then a slow speed portal to finish it.

Trivia Edit

  • The ship sequence in this level is the only one in the entire level.
  • When the creator of this level gave its information to Sumsar to send to RobTop to be featured, he said "I'm sorry. I only send good levels."