Ascending Storm is a Finnish Geometry Dash player and level creator. He has created six levels so far. However, none of them are rated.

Ascending Storm
Country Finland
Age Unknown
Levels 6 (none starred)
Other Info
Crew N/A
Position ~73,000 at the moment (Global)
YouTube Channel N/A


  • Ball level (His first level made during Update 1.8 that has been updated slightly during Update 2.0)
  • SILENT SPIKES (parody of impossible levels)
  • Silent Spikes 2 (an impossible medium level with mini wave spam, verified with low detail bug)
  • How to get featured (a parody of effortless epic and featured levels)
  • Cant play (a level which is impossible to play due to too many stacked blocks, verified with a low detail bug)

Some of his levels also got removed from the server for unknown reasons.


  • Storm's hardest demons so far are Fear Me and Deadlocked.
  • He is also practicing Nine Circles, in which he has currently 54% on it.
  • His worst fails include 91% on Fear Me; 87%, 90%, 91% and 92% on Theory of Everything 2 (multiple times) and 97% on Dear Nostalgists.
  • His favorite creators are FunnyGame and TriAxis, and his favorite level in the game is Revolution.

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