Country South Korea
Age 10
Levels Unknown
Other Info
Crew Unknown
Position Unknown
YouTube Channel Unknown

Assume is a South Korean Geometry dash player. He is working on his level,"Big Byte." He used to be on another account, (M227 changed to ilLynxli) but he was hacked and now must redo his progress.


Assume is registered and plays many demon levels. He does not have a Facebook, twitter, steam, or YouTube account, but records show he may be making a YouTube account soon.

Not much is known about Assume because he is a very concealed player and has given less info, but it is rumored that he is only a child.


  • Assume is very good at Geometry Dash, beating easy demons like Dear Nostalgists or Death Moon in only 1-10 attempts. He is currently working on Cataclysm So far as of June 2, 2017, he says he has made a total of 2887 attempts on Cataclysm but he says he may be giving up soon because of school.

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