Level Information
Creator Funnygame
Difficulty Easy Demon Easy Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 1981025
Song Theory of Everything
Composer DJ-Nate

Atlas is a demon level by FunnyGame. It is well known for effects and designs that were quite innovative for late 1.8. It is generally considered a Very Easy Demon.


The level starts with a pretty easy cube part with a few easy timings. Then there is an easy ship part with some spikes that look like blocks. This is followed by a cube part with a bit of memorization. Then there is a relatively easy dual UFO section. This is followed by another easy dual ship part. Then there is a mostly easy double speed cube part. This is followed by a bit harder ball part that later turns into a tricky dual. Then there is an auto cube part that leads into a double speed UFO section with many crystal blocks to avoid. Then there is a relatively easy ship section with moderately tight spaces. The text Atlas appears, both regularly and flipped. This is followed by a rather difficult and tricky ball section with a bunch of memorization and weird usage of slopes. Then there is an easy ship part that starts with a few scattered blocks and spikes and later becomes a very easy slow ship with the text "Atlas by FunnyGame". Then the level ends.


  • At the beginning of the first dual portal, it is possible to jump as soon as you get into the portal. You may crash, but if you don't, you will not be in dual mode.
  • At 62%, if the player jumps when he/she touches the UFO portal, the player will be able to skip the double speed, which makes the level a bit easier.


  • While Another World is generally considered to be the origin of the trend of using crystals in levels, this is the actual first level that uses them.
  • Zobros made a v2, but is rated as insane.


Normal Demon- - Atlas - by Funny Game01:30

Normal Demon- - Atlas - by Funny Game

Credit to Vermillion for the video.

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