Country USA
Age Unknown
Levels Unknown
Other Info
Crew Unknown
Position N/A
YouTube Channel [1]
Aurorus is a famous player in Geometry Dash. It is debated whether he is very skilled or a hacker. In late November 2016 he caused drama about Sunix after Sonic Wave was verified. He accused Sunix of auto clicking Sonic Wave and his other levels. It has been confirmed that Sunix is legit. Aurorus is also known for verifying Athanatos, an Extreme Demon by Exenity and more.

Aurorus is a former hacker who is known for being a very controversial person in the community. On several occasions Aurorus has attempted to expose many players some of which are obviously legit, (e.g. Knobbelboy, Combined, and Sunix) however, he has succeeded in exposing some others such as Defthlow.

He hacked many major demons and eventually claimed to have beaten Sonic Wave Infinity, though it was clearly hacked, whether auto'd, noclipped, or speedhacked. He later confessed to Wabbit who exposed him before Wabbit deleted his channel.

As of recently, Aurorus uploaded a video ridiculing Acharne for attempting to verify Sonic Wave Rebirth, asking Serponge to allow him to do so, albeit against Mefewe's wishes. About two days later, he uploaded a video of himself resetting his GD stats and deleting all of his youtube videos with the exception of the video titled "Bye." and his video stating that Acharne does not have permission to verify SWR.

The many major demons Aurorus is known to have hacked include:



Sonic Wave Infinity

Allegiance (Progress)

Galatic Fragility (Progress)

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