Auto Play Area
Level Information
Creator GW Jax
Difficulty Auto Auto
Stars 1Star
Level ID 3150
Song Dry Out
Composer DJVI

Auto Play Area is a level made by GW Jax. It is the second most liked level in the game, followed by Level Easy. It is rated Auto and is featured.


Auto Play Area is one of the oldest auto levels, and is one of the most liked and old ones. It was most likely uploaded in Update 1.1, due to the lack of use of the ball form. Despite its design and lack of decoration, it is still featured due to it being made in an old update. It was updated later after Update 1.4.


The level starts with some simple features and creator's name. Which is completely auto. No bugs for this part is found yet. Then it turns to a very short auto ship with tight spaces and then it will turn into cube again. This part also features jump orbs. The level goes on like that with many gravity portals, mirror portals and jump pads.


-Geometry Dash- Impossible Demon- GW Jax - Auto Play Area02:17

-Geometry Dash- Impossible Demon- GW Jax - Auto Play Area

Credit To Tygrysek.

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