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Level Information
Creator Motleyorc and ScorchVx
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 34085027
Song Beep Beep
Composer Schtiffles

B is a 2.1 Medium Demon collaboration created by Motleyorc and ScorchVx, Motleyorc being the verifier. It is an medium demon with the theme being bees. This level got a first place feature.  

Description Edit

The level is known for having the theme of bees along with the cute vibe that comes with it. The object limit is very high, and mobile users are advised to use the Ultra Low Detail Mode. Honey and honeycombs fill the setting to make it as if you were venturing through a beehive. The queen bee can be seen at the end of the level. 

Gameplay Edit

The level starts with a simple cube section. If the Low Detail Mode is selected, many of the details are erased, but the Ultra Low Detail Mode erases nearly all of the details that set the setting. Next is a hard spider segment which require fast reflexes and concentration. The spider transitions into a hard double speed ship sequence. Small bees will run at the player, causing the player to crash if they hit them. A large bee will occasionally try to "sting" the player, resulting in a crash if successful. The ship sequence would have wide gaps to fly through if not for the small bees flying at the player.

The ship leads into a single speed robot with small gaps and rapid-tap jumps. The robot leads to a quadruple speed ball, which is considered the hardest part of the level; there are many elements that require fast acting and reflexes. The ball leads to a triple speed wave with narrow passages (for a triple speed wave, that is). A large bee with glowing white eyes homes around the player even while the wave transitions to a spider. The message, "I have been BEEfeated" is shown while the bee's eyes stop glowing and leaves the screen.

The spider leads to a single speed cube, and the queen bee, a massive bee wearing a crown, pans through the screen as the player completes the level. As the player completes the level, the title of the level along with the creators' names come into view. 

User Coins Edit

  • The first user coin is located at 19% where you must fly down through two bees to get the coin.
  • The second and last user coin is located at 45% where you must avoid the green dash orb and fall down onto a platform, quickly high-jumping to hit the momentum orb.