Country Indonesia
Age 13
Levels 92 (none starred)
Other Info
Crew N5
Position None
YouTube Channel [1]

B1n4ry (B1n4ryGD on the Wiki) is an unnoticed (sometimes salty) Geometry Dash player and creator. He is a Geometry Dash Forums user that used to be annoying. Now he is a decent creator.


  • Violet (first level)
  • Awake (first Harder rated level)
  • Melt (first Insane rated level)
  • Paste (most famous level)
  • Telluric
  • Memories
  • Lonely Life
  • EvE
  • Lonely Hope
  • Dreamy World
  • Lonely Memory
  • Lonely Dream
  • hHop
  • La La
  • Copy
  • Alter Stereo
  • Varial


  • Although he has been noticed by some popular players, such as Serponge, all of his levels are not rated because he is an unnoticed creator.
  • He used to impersonate popular Geometry Dash creators by having the same cube as them, which is why his avatar had FunnyGame's icon in it. However, he now resorts to different icon colors.
  • He uploads levels and posts comments almost everyday.
  • His wave used to be the Illuminati wave, which references his obsession with Illuminati jokes. However, he no longer uses it. He now uses the 70 user coins wave.
  • He used to have about 150 levels, but he deleted all of his N/A rated levels.
  • Most of his levels are free to copy.

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