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Level Information
Creator TamaN
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 26149304
Song Badland
Composer Boom Kitty

Not to be confused with The Badland.


Badland is a Demon level created and published by TamaN. It was verified by Lebreee.

The level is known for its tight robot timings and unique bossfight. TamaN gave up verifying it and gave it to Lebreee, and on stream he showed that his current record is 89% on the level.

-DEMON- Badland by TamaN (me) - Geometry Dash01:42

-DEMON- Badland by TamaN (me) - Geometry Dash


  • The level is widely agreed to be TamaN's hardest demon. Even he was only able to get 89% on it.
  • The level has many tight robot timings at the start, causing some to mistake it for an extreme demon even though it is obviously not.

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