Bausha Vortex
Level Information
Creator Pennutoh (Verified by Acharne)
Difficulty Extreme Demon Extreme Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 30380566
Song Fracture
Composer Rukkus

Bausha Vortex is an extremely difficult Nine Circles Level created by Pennutoh and verified by Acharne. The level was verified by Acharne after 9,728 attempts, and it currently sits at the number-six spot on the Official Extreme and Insane Demon records list.


Bausha Vortex is an extreme demon created by Pennutoh. Most of its difficulty comes from its vast amount of crucial timings, invisible portals, and moving obstacles. Due to this, the level is considered extremely hard, and is so on said to be harder than Down Bass (Update).

Unlike most Nine Circles remake, this one features a unique effect, found only to a few remakes which is a typical electro-styled level, hence the nickname 'Electro Circles'.


The level starts as a cube part, consisting of mostly gravity changes and annoying timings A low-detail mode (Referred to as "Lag Killer" in the level) is found

It is then followed by a very hard ship mode, which closely resembles Quasar's ship mode. The background design of this part is somehow same as the original Nine Circles ship BG but does utilizes moving background and 2.0 decoration, then followed by a confusing cube mode which ultimately focuses on memory because of the amounts of fake lining, portals, and jump pads throughout this part. After the part, the gravity changes and the words: "GOOD LUCK!" can be seen.

The most difficult part of the level starts as well as the drop: The infamous epileptic wave mode utilized by most Nine Circles levels. Also, there is a custom background can be found. (Assuming that the Lag Killer isn't activated) This wave part contains extremely tight spaces. To add insult to the injury: almost all of the slopes contains a spiky thorns that makes this level into a pure wave hell, additionally it also contains content that makes some hard Nine Circles have: Sudden speed changes, dual portals, and tight spaces.

The wave mode also features a Ball/Wave mixed dual inspired by an unrated Nine Circles level called 'Fox Circles' and a buggy and yet annoying dual flat out wave mode.

The last part of the level is a cube, mostly contains triple spikes which oddly resembles Firewall's first cube part. In-order to add difficulty to this part: Some of the spikes there are moving, designed to confuse the player unequivocally.

The level then ends as a ball mode, with the words: "BAUSHA VORTEX VERIFIED BY ACHARNE".


  • This is so far, the first Nine Circles level to be rated in Update 2.1 despite its 2.0 decorations.
    • The level lacks Quadruple speed portal or the Spider mode as the reason is mentioned above.
  • The Nine Circles' color schemes during the wave part are: Violet, Cerulean, Sea Green, Yellow, Orange, and Fuschia respectively.
  • The level features very good sync, and shortly before putting to verify Bausha Vortex, Acharne made a video about his favourite syncing levels (and creators), and there was Pennutoh.
  • "Bausha" or "Bauscia" is a term that defines the highest social class in the Italian city of Milan.


VERIFIED!!! - Geometry Dash - Bausha Vortex -Electric Circles- (100%) ~ EXTREME NC Demon by Pennutoh03:30

VERIFIED!!! - Geometry Dash - Bausha Vortex -Electric Circles- (100%) ~ EXTREME NC Demon by Pennutoh

Credits to Acharne.

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