Beautiful Eyes
Level Information
Creator TGirl (Irika)
Difficulty Normal Normal
Stars 3 Star
Level ID 4913027
Song Nine Circles
Composer Rukkus

Beautiful Eyes is a normal rated level created by TGirl, however due to its fakes, very hard timings, trolls, tight ship mode, and dark wave mode, it is typically around the difficulty of an easy or medium demon in-fact, that it was considered as if it were improperly rated. The level obviously inspires by Nine Circles due to its wave mode, design, and song.

Overview Edit

Beautiful Eyes is a low-quality 1.9 level created by TGirl (aka Irika, the creator of The Realistik v2), it shares similar fate of I ninety nine I as the level is improperly rated normal. However, I ninety nine I was unrated while Beautiful Eyes still remains normal rated.

Gameplay Edit

Beautiful Eyes begins as a ridiculously hard cube mode, due to the fakes, crucial timings, trolls, and memorization parts. The last part is only consists of clicking a yellow jump ring with a crucial timing due to the spikes hanging from above.

The next game mode is a somehow, hard ship mode. The first part requires to briefly hold the jump button. Then, followed by a somehow easy part. Then, followed by a UFO mode which is hard due to the precise timings and gravity portals.

The next game mode is a ball mode, there is a yellow jump ring can be seen which must not be clicked, the player must simply land themselves into the spikes, as there are invisible platforms around it. Then, followed by a gravity portals with jump rings, involving timings. The last part of the ball mode is a clusters of blocks with fake lining, which probably requires memorizations.

Then, the next part is a fairly easy cube mode, there are few noticed fakes in this part and some auto part.

The song drops, followed by a very hard wave mode due to the amount of fakes, timings, dual, a fair amount of mashing, unnoticed dark saw-blades, and timings.

The last part is a fairly easy ship mode, the player must carefully time their fly in this part, then after that. The level ends.

Trivia Edit

  • This level used to be a 3 star worthy level until the creator updated it.
  • It is the real first Nine Circles remake being previous to Fairydust.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash 1

Geometry Dash 1.9 Beautiful Eyes by TGirl

Credits to Sr. Marco