Level Information
Creator Ozpectro
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0 Star
Level ID 17988770
Song Deadlocked
Composer F-777

Belic is an insanely hard level created by Ozpectro, the creator of Effot, Landect, and Fexty. The level is currently unrated due to hacks. So far, only Stormfly and Jacob Firestone has been beaten the level legitimately. It is considered to be harder than the updated Fexty, especially after 65%.



Geometry Dash - Belic (Demon?) - By Ozpectro03:17

Geometry Dash - Belic (Demon?) - By Ozpectro

Credits to Stormfly, the first person to beat Belic legitimately.

BEST REACTION! Geometry Dash 202:53

BEST REACTION! Geometry Dash 2.01 - Belic 100% -Insane Demon- -On Stream-

Credits to Jacob FIrestone, second player to beat Belic legitimately.

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