Level Information
Creator Supemloem
Difficulty NA TBA
Stars TBA Star
Level ID NA
Song PUNYASO - Konoha's Kid (Naruto Tribute)
Composer PunyasoTunes

Bentaberakku is an upcoming 2.1/2.2 level being created by Supemloem. It is currently set to be a God-themed Demon difficulty level, by the looks of it, harder than anything Supemloem has ever created. Bentaberakku is currently in its layout phase.


Bentaberakku is set to be a God-themed demon, presumably hard demon. Its name may suggest its color scheme will be black and white, as "Bentaberakku" means ventablack. Bentaberakku is still in its layout phase, and more information has yet to be released.  


The level starts with a normal cube segment, with the music starting before the drop. This leads into a very short auto segment, which then leads into the drop, a double speed fast paced variety of gamemodes and speed changes. The level ends with a slow tight-spaced ball, presumably just to screw with people.


  • This is the third level by Supemloem to have a layout sneak peek, preceded by Oblivion
  • Bentaberakku is by far Supemloem's hardest level he has created, preceded by Oblivion.
  • Bentaberakku means "Ventablack" in Japanese. Ventablack is the world's darkest shade of black.

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