Big Byte
IMG 2344
Level Information
Creator Assume
Difficulty Unknown
Stars TBA
Level ID TBA
Song Wobbly Tooth, Crunchy Apple
Composer Bossfight

Big Byte is a upcoming level currently being created by Assume. It has the song, "Wobbly Tooth, Crunchy Apple" by Bossfight.

Description Edit

The level's title is a reference to the song, which says "Crunchy apple", which led to Big Bite which was changed to Big Byte despite it being a video game. It is expected to be uploaded by July 31st, 2017.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts off with a simple cube segment, which only requires a few taps to successfully clear. Next, there is a medium-difficult spider section, a extremely short wave segment with only one simple tap needed, and then a dual cube segment. Next, the player will play through a ship/cube mixed dual, which is extremely difficult, and then a UFO segment. The creator has not given any more information about this level.