Level Information
Creator Vic21102
Difficulty Harder
Stars 0
Level ID 28115741 (deleted)
Song Bioluminescent
Composer Geoplex

Bioluminescent was an Insane-difficulty rainbow level by Vic21102, but was deleted on January 24th, 2017. It was on the server for about 3 weeks, but many people did not like it, so Vic21102 deleted it. It is currently being revamped from a rainbow effect level to a level with a rainbow theme, but its block design and decoration similar to one of his other levels, Look Up.


This level starts out with a slow speed cube, with a few rings and double spikes, which are difficult in slow speed. This section lasts for 16 seconds.

The level then goes on to a fairly difficult normal speed UFO, with pink jump rings and UFO jumps through one space. After that, it goes to a ship section, which is also fairly difficult. Each of these sections last for 8 seconds.

It then moves on to a ball section, which has some fake jump rings and tight spaces, and the ball goes into a dual portal, in which that section has some timings that are different for each ball, until the end of that section.

The level then goes on to an easy slow wave with some tight spaces, but this section is not too difficult. The robot section after that goes from normal to mini, in which you have to hit 9 pink jump rings quickly to survive.

After that, the level moves into a normal speed ship section, which is fairly difficult, and then moves on to a fairly difficult wave section, in which at the end you have a two-space to straight wave through.

The double speed cube afterward is on the buildup to the drop in the song, and in this section are some difficult timings, and there is a four spike jump which is difficult to time. The cube goes into a "hall" filled with blue jump pads, which switch in time with the song. At the end of that hall, with the slow speed, there is a 2 spike jump, and there is text that says "Bioluminescent: Good luck 8)", and then the music drops.

At the drop, there is a difficult triple speed wave, with rather tight spaces, and after that 8-second wave section, you go into a dual wave, also with rather tight timings and spaces. At the end of that section, there is a 2.5 space to straight wave through, which is quite difficult at triple speed.

After that, there's a robot section, and at the end of that, there is an 8-spike to jump over, which is fairly difficult. At the end of the level, there is a 2 second 3 space straight fly, and then there is text that says to rate 8 stars, leave a like, thank you, and the name of the creator and level.


  • This level had 160 downloads and 24 likes before it was deleted.
  • This level is 1 minute and 58 seconds long, making it Vic21102's longest level.

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