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Blast Processing v2 (TRS)
Level Information
Creator TheRealSdslayer
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0Star
Level ID 18033374
Song Blast Processing
Composer Waterflame

Blast Processing v2 is a 1.9 unrated level created by TheRealSdslayer. It is one of many "v2" levels in the category, as there are many other Blast Processing v2's in the Geometry Dash community.

Overview Edit

This level is a remake of the seventeenth level of the main game. It utilizes similar game-play but is more buffed. It is currently unrated due to the fact it was recently uploaded.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts with three jumps over gears, one big and two medium-sized. The wave segment is very similar to that of Blast Processing, but tighter, only about 2 blocks in height. The ship sequence seems to have excessive saws, with one major tight space. The ball section gives some breathing room, with the second user coin located in this area. The second wave is still only 2 blocks in height, with the dual portal making its debut in this level in this section. Then a short mini-wave section going with the music. Then we have a cube section with the third user coin located in this area somewhere. The UFO portal is next, with a decent replication, with some gravity orbs. The UFO section is the most original in the level. There is a key at the end of the UFO section which makes the ship section after much easier. There is another ball section after this, same gameplay and decoration as the first one. Then a UFO-to-Ship. And the final cube.

Trivia Edit

  • This creator had made another Blast Processing Remake called "Processing The Blast" with much less decoration, this is why the creator made a MORE decorated Blast Processing RM.
  • There are some bugs in the level, which the creator is trying to fix.

Video Edit

Geometry Dash - Blast Processing v2 - By- TheRealSdslayer (Me)

Geometry Dash - Blast Processing v2 - By- TheRealSdslayer (Me)

Credit to TheRealSdslayer for the video.