Blue Marine
Level Information
Creator TheRealSpark (lSparkl)
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars Star 6
Level ID 16947853
Song Flirt Flirt oh it Hurts
Composer HolyYeah

Not to be confused with Blue Marine created by ChaozAF? (Coming Soon)

Blue Marine is a Harder rated 2.0 level created by ISparkI.

Trivia Edit

  • This level was rated almost instantly, about 2 minutes after upload, at 19 likes.
  • This is lSparkl`s very first rated level.
  • This level currently has almost 60,000 downoads and 6k likes.

User Coins Edit

There are three user coins. All three of them are verified.

  • The first coin is hidden in the very beginning of the level in the first cube segment. Here, the player has to jump over three spikes and, on the fourth, double jump to get the invisible coin.
  • The second coin is in the mini wave segment. When avoiding some obstacles, you need to fly up over the saw obstacle to claim the barely visible coin.
  • The third coin is located in the mini ship part right after the triple mini ball segment. When entering the ship sequence, the player has to fly up into the pillar to claim the coin. Luckily, the upper end of the pillar is made so the player can pass right through it.

Gameplay Edit

Geometry Dash! Blue Marine Therealspark (3 Coins) D

Geometry Dash! Blue Marine Therealspark (3 Coins) D

Credits to Zwicky. The first video about Blue Marine.