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Country Sweden
Age 17
Levels 56 (2 Starred)
Other Info
Crew None
Position None
YouTube Channel [1]

Boffis123 is a less known Swedish player and level creator in Geometry Dash who lives in Finland and plays on mobile via a phone. He is known for making the level Haunted Land (5*) and Flight Simulator (3*).

Levels Edit

  • Hot chilli challenge (one of his oldest levels, made in 1.6, updated in 1.7, 1.9 and 2.0)
  • Beginning mix (a mix of all the beginnings of the main levels 1-15, originally made in 1.7 with Stereo madness as song, replaced by F-777 - Sonic Blaster the day 1.9 came, making him the first one to use the song in Geometry dash, however, a few months later he changed the song to DjNiamek - Awaken)
  • Flappy bird 999 (a Flappy Bird level with same design as the original Flappy Bird level created by Darnoc, with some inspiration from a video of someone playing Flappy Bird reaching a score of 999)
  • Time machine 2 (made in early 1.9, a Time Machine styled level with the rest of the Waterflame - Time Machine song playing, just like the Time Machine part 2 levels)
  • Minimal trance (a level he made with a song that he found by typing in random IDs in the song search bar, xKillaNRG - Minimal trance)
  • The galaxy race (a level using the song Waterflame - Race around the galaxy and it was his most succesful level back then)
  • F i S s I o N (inspired by an Open Hexagon level called Fusion, using the song SideBySky - Dead crust)
  • Lv1-12 RETRO (remakes of the first 12 main levels in a retro style and mini version)
  • Stereo Cataclysm (a blue remake of Cataclysm by Ggb0y, which begins with the Stereo Madness beginning, then goes to a blue Cataclysm version, the level is much easier than Cataclysm but uses more of the faster speed portals)
  • Concorde (a grey/cyan easy Nine circles remake, using Duffany1 - Sinusoidal Depleneration as song)
  • Heaven or hell (a 2-player dual level where one cube navigates through easy heaven, while the other cube below have it much harder in hell, Boffis123 verified this level with his little brother Bulten)
  • Jungle (a jungle themed level and Boffis123s first 2.0 level)
  • Haunted land (a ghost themed level with 5 stars making it his first rated level, with a bossfight against a ghost at the end)
  • Flight simulator (his 2nd rated level and currently his most downloaded level with more than 120K downloads, he also has a flight simulator 2 and flight simulator 3, but they dont have stars)
  • World war III (a combination of his two levels Haunted land and flight simulator +sunset style, also the first person to use the song in the level)
  • Aqua moon (a blue remake of Death Moon by Caustic, using the song Eon - Dreamscape 2)
  • In memory of Darnoc (a mix of some of Darnoc's levels that Boffis123 made after finding out that Darnoc quit Geometry dash)
  • New beginning (a collaboration with iIiFireWateriIi)
  • Bloody fight (his hardest level yet, based on the color red with some inspiration from Death moon by Caustic)
  • Space simulator (just like flight simulator but in space)
  • Theory of MTNdew (a Mountain dew themed level which was made for Anubis CC1)
  • Metro (an easy train themed level where all you have to do is to jump over invisible spikes while passing through diffrent places such as, a tunnel, a train station and inside a train)
  • Lucy core (themed after a planet/dwarf sun called V886 centauri, or its nickname Lucy, 40 light years away from out solar system, believed to have an earth sized diamond inside it. song is AeonMusic - Voluto)
  • Submarine simulator (just like flight simulator but underwater, including a bossfight against a giant octupus at the end)
  • Neon swamp (a collab with Goldie, Coolranch, CreatorGD7, Madagascarbr, Ham92 and Bulten
  • Counting to 10000 (a level he made to show how easy it is to count from 0 to 10000)

thumbnail of haunted land

Other Collabs Edit

  • Circle of time (a red Nine circles remake that was a collaboration with Bulten, uploaded on Bulten's account)


  • Boffis123 started playing Geometry dash with Lite version in late 1.5 and got full version in 1.6.
  • He is also known for having a big interest in airplanes. His favorite airplane is McDonnell Douglas MD-11, which can be seen in his three starred flight simulator level.
  • Boffis123 completed Deadlocked in 2017 attempts.
  • Boffis123 has a little brother who is named Bulten in Geometry Dash.
  • Boffis123 and MagnusGD (The creator of Geometry Overload) have been supporting each other for a long time, and they are thinking about doing a collaboration when Update 2.1 is released.
  • On his YouTube channel, he uploads a lot of videos of unrated levels made by unknown creators.