Brandon Larkin
Country United Kingdom
Age 17
Levels 9 (2 starred)
Other Info
Crew GeoStorm
Position 3607 (Global)
YouTube Channel [1]

Brandon Larkin (BrandonLarkin in-game) is a popular and extremely skilled British player and level creator in Geometry Dash. He has completed numerous hard demons, notably Breakthrough, Deadly Clubstep, Cataclysm, Necropolis, The Hell Factory, Ice Carbon Diablo X, Ultrasonic, and Bloodbath just to name a few.

He has a secondary YouTube channel called SurvKin which is a collaboration channel with Surv, who is a friend of his. They did hardcore games including Geometry Dash. Currently on their channel, there is Super Hexagon and Super Meat Boy. As of January of 2018, only three videos were uploaded to the channel and it hasn't been active.


  • Demon Levels
    • Shining Caverns (Collab with Zepher)
    • Satanic Pit (Another one with Zepher)
  • Unrated Levels
    • Iridium
    • Midnight Phantoms
    • Metallic Reflection
    • Stutter Wave
    • LarkinClysm (The old version of Cataclysm except with Brandon singing At the Speed of Light)
    • Harder Speed Racer
    • LightWave 144hz vers


  • He started playing Geometry Dash on January 17th, 2015, the same day as he started his YouTube channel. His first episode of Geometry Dash was him trying and unsuccessfully beating Can't Let Go.
  • Brandon, back then, was going to stop playing Geometry Dash, which the eighth episode was going to be the final one.
  • One of his biggest rages was when he was playing Theory of Firepower, when on an attempt where he died on the first dual segment, he throws his controller on the wall and smashes his headphones down below him, supposedly breaking them.
  • Brandon technically beat Cataclysm six times, with the third, fourth, fifth and sixth times being remakes of Cataclysm like Satchoclysm and his own remake, Larkinclysm. He confirmed that he beaten Cataclysm eight times, just with the last two times not being recorded.
  • He has somewhat an ambitious way of recording him playing and beating demons. He has a demon list of which demon he's beating next. He's also confirmed that he will beat the Top 10 demons when he has the time to or when he is ready too.
  • He crashed at 96% on The Hell Factory. It is considered the worst fail in Geometry Dash, only being beaten by Mefewe's crashing at 98% on Sonic Wave and Knobbleboy's crashing at 98% on Bloodlust.
  • He completed Bloodbath.
  • Brandon got a shout-out from EricVanWilderman in his video when Eric tries and beats Motion by TamaN.
  • So far his hardest demons ever beaten are The Hell Factory, Ice Carbon Diablo X, Cataclysm and Bloodbath and soon to beat Phobos.
  • His most viewed video as of January of 2018 is,"Classic Brandon Larkin Rage." with over 608,739 views.