Byte System
Level Information
Creator Keigth08 (Wayld02)
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 8 Star
Level ID 13341185
Song Wobbly Tooth, Crunchy Apple
Composer Holyyeah (Bossfight)

Byte System is an Insane-rated level created by Keigth08, also known as Wayld02[1] on the wiki.


Byte System starts as simple UFO mode, similar to Flappy Bird, there is a Low-Detail Mode can be activated to remove most effects in the level that can cause lags.

Then, the next part is a ship mode, there are flashing "Cube" that needs to be dodged, then followed by an another UFO mode.

The speed turns into double, as followed by a wave mode, then, there are slopes that will suddenly move and appear in the level as sharp retro backgrounds can be seen. Halfway through is a mini wave mode, then an another normal wave mode.

The next segment is a mini ship mode, and the name of the level can be seen. There is somehow appeared to be a "Boss fight" stage with a Monster from the Space Invaders which will move and shoot lasers 2 times, this can make the player confused as there are blocks with sharp-animations that required to be dodged.

The next game mode is a simple ball mode, followed by a ship mode. There are 2 turrets that fires laser while the gravity changes which confuses the player. Then followed by a fairly simple UFO mode but quite tricky.

Then, the next segment is a wave mode, involves around mashing but, the player must not touch the "techno" decorations which can crash the player. There are also Lenny faces with sharp animations can be seen in the background.

The next segment is a somehow, annoying dual cube part due to the amount of timings and bugs. Halfway through the dual mode is a brief, mixed dual of ship and ball mode then, followed by a triple-speed brief cube mode.

The next game mode is a double speed Ship mode, resembles the first ship part of Venom but is colored in yellow instead of green. This ship part is quite tricky. Then followed by a fairly hard UFO mode, as there are moving platforms and gravity portals with speed portals that will likely pushes the player through a hazard.

Then, the last part is a wave mode, fairly simple but has a fairly tight spaces, then there is a key with the words: "Get this, or else..." which warns the player to get the key because, there is a Exclamation point (!) that will flash due to a turret suddenly fires a laser through the player, blocking their way causing a dead end. If the player successfully gets the key, they can proceed to the end of the level, as a blockage will appear with the words: "Lol XD" and "Safe! :)".

After that, the player will meet a Lenny Face with the words: "Part 2?" Indicating an upcoming sequel for Byte System, then an animation which is a typing transition, and the words 'GG' will be typed. After that, the level ends as a robot mode.


  • This is Keigth08's only featured level in Geometry Dash.
  • This is one of the few Retro-themed levels that are rated Insane.
  • Keigth08 says that he made this due to boredom and was inspired by his friend, Defiant.

User Coins

This level contains 3 user coins:

  • The first user coin is located at 6%, at the first ship mode. The player will just simply go down and get the coin with ease.
  • The second user coin is located at 32%, at the 2nd ship mode. The player must go down carefully and get the 2nd coin as the "boss" will fire a laser.
  • The third user coin is located at 82%, at the last UFO part. The player must can see 2 blue gravity portals, they must fly through the 2nd portal, getting the third coin.


Byte System - by ???01:11

Byte System - by ???

Credits to Keigth08.

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