Country Italy
Age 18
Levels 17
Other Info
Crew None
Position 7215
YouTube Channel None

Carminius is a medium skilled Italian player who joined Geometry Dash in May 2015. However, he only started to farm stars in April 2016.

Currently he is a star/coins/diamonds collector, mainly beating easy demons and normal/hard levels with silver coins. Until 2017 he was a very active level creator. After Update 2.1, however, he quit creating because of laziness.

His levels were liked by some fans. He used a style made by multi thematic sequences, with different color schemes, closely to Experience D's style.


  • Shish Circles: a short Nine Circles level with a satirical remix of a discourse of Matteo Renzi.
  • End of Night: a detailed and harder 2.0 remake of End of Line, using Nightfall by Rukkus.
  • Invisible Light Z: a remake of Invisible Light by Nacho21, mixing Ultra and XII Circles style.
  • Shitty Fairydust: a no-decorated version of Fairydust. It is his most liked level (2000+) and one of the most popular "shitty levels."
  • Crazy Cave: This is a very difficult level inspired by famous creators, such as Hinds and AncientAnubis. He took three months to create the level.
  • Lonely Soul: A 6 stars-worthy multi-thematic level with some basic effects.
  • Sheol Circles av: An obvious auto Nine Circles level with the song Sheol by Xtrullor. Originally blue, it was updated with the possibility to choose six other color schemes and to disable the auto mode. The level has more or less the length of Sonic Wave and a pretty 1.9 design. A non-auto version was verified legitimately by GW Laki.
  • Fantasy Park: a 6 stars-worthy level with different designs.
  • Heaven Force: an 8 stars-worthy level with a long dual and a multicolor design.
  • GlowStep: Hence the name, it is a level that utilizes numerous glow effects. Like Fantasy Park, this is a multi-thematic stage. It may be worth 8 stars. It uses Tria as its song.
  • Silent Sigh: This is a quite easy level with a new style and simple effects.
  • Lockyn Circles av: a silver colored Ultra circles level. Uses Load by Lockyn as its song.
  • Dignity: a slightly hard level with three themes (blue/space, yellow/desert and red/hell)
  • Ambition: his best and easiest level so far. However the song got banned.
  • Time Warp: an old level reuploaded. It's a nostalgic level with 1.0~1.9 styles.
  • When I was noob: a reupload of his first level ever (1.9).
  • Circles Challenge: a mix of most of Nine Circles levels he has beaten.

He probably ended his editor activity permanently because of lack of ideas and for its too earlish 2.0 style.


  • He was friends with Hyenada in early 2016, when he was still unnoticed. He used to like and comment very often on Carminius's levels. He was also friends with Acharne and Mulpan.
  • The majority of his levels features songs by NIGHTkilla and Xtrullor. His favorite one is Fairydust.
  • He is obsessed with Nine Circles Levels.
  • He has deleted the majority of his levels because they weren't enough good for his current standards by this point.
  • Lonely Soul is actually a copy of a deleted level, Nostalgia Second act, which he has reposted with this other name, increasing the difficulty, but deleting the second half of the level because was considered weird and boring by the creator himself. The name was changed for people who mistakenly may think that is a v2 of Nostalgia by Jeyzor.
  • Sheol Circles was originally planned to be a medium demon, but it was changed to auto to not waste time to verify a level that mightn't get stars due to be a 1.9-ish Nine Circles level.
  • His Nine Circles Levels beaten so far, in chronological order, are:
  1. Ultra Paracosm
  2. Problematic
  3. Space Circles
  4. Fear Me
  5. Infinite Circles
  6. Fractured Circles
  7. The Realistic
  8. Solar Circles
  9. Figures
  10. Butterfly Effect
  11. Paracosm Circles
  12. Nine Circles
  13. Jawbreaker
  14. Ultimate Circles

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