Demon levels have the highest difficulty rating in the game. They are always worth 10 stars. They are signified by a demonic-looking face.

Levels that are easier than Demon levels are the Insane levels, usually worth 8 or 9 stars, but a few may not have stars yet.

Since the difficulty of a demon level may vary enormously, these levels have been divided into more categories:

  1. Easy demons: Levels that are definitely harder than an insane, but still very managable to beat. (e.g. Problematic, DeCode, Ultra Paracosm and Demon Mixed.
  2. Medium demons: Challenging levels that will certainly require hundreds, or even a few thousand attempts to beat. (e.g. -Sirius-, Theory of Skrillex and Chaoz Airflow)
  3. Hard demons: These levels seperate the skilled from the unskilled and are a challenge to almost anyone. (e.g. Dragon Force, Nine Circles and The Furious)
  4. Insane demons: Can prove difficult to even the best players, and commonly take up to 10,000 attempts to beat. (e.g. Ultraviolet, , and Kurumi City)
  5. Extreme demons: Beating one of these requires a big amount of time, effort and patience. Usually they take up tens of thousands of attempts. (e.g. Bloodbath, Phobos and Blade of Justice)

These subdivisions are always specified in each page of a demon level. Since the demon classification was given only by the editor's opinion prior to 2.1, some demons can be improperly classified.

Unofficial subdivisions of demons include:

1) Very Easy Demon: Previously considered demons and still officially rated as them, these levels have lost their difficulty to time. (e.g. The Nightmare, The Lightning Road, and Impulse)

2) Very Hard Demon: These levels border the line between hard demons and insane demons. (e.g. Windy Landscape, ToE2 V2 and Acropolis)

3) Hell Demon: Even Sonic Wave would be on the lower spectrum of this subdivision. These levels are pushing the limits of human capability and are almost impossible. They are much harder than anything else, and most, if not all hell demons have not been released. (e.g. Bloodlust, Buffbath, Sonic Wave)

4) Impossible Demon: These levels are not humanly possible, and some arent even physically possible. All levels of this category are unrated or auto because they have all been verify/speed hacked. In very few cases, as the general skill level of the community grows, a select few of the easier spectrum levels could be moved down in to the hell demon category. These levels often involve extreme precision timing and fitting certain gamemodes like the wave and ship into impossibly tight spaces. (e.g. Exasperation, Silent Circles and Silent Clubstep)

5) Free Demon: It is very rare to come across a level of this type. Free demons are auto levels or levels that require almost no effort at all to beat. The only circumstance this can happen in is if an existing demon is replaced by something much easier. (e.g. When Sonic Wave was replaced with a Easy Demon-ish Back on Track remake)


Using the demon difficulty scale and the star ratings, these are the Demon Difficulties used in the main levels such as Clubstep, Theory of Everything 2 and Deadlocked:

Clubstep: Easy Demon (Due to no speed, wave, or dual developed yet, this is very easy.)

Theory of Everything 2: Easy Demon (Speed, wave, and dual mode were developed, making this hard and more like a usual modern Easy Demon.)

Deadlocked: Medium Demon (Robot, Wave, Memorization, Teleportation, and all the new features in the 2.0 update make this demon hard.)

Most demon levels often requires skills, memory, timing, and spamming.

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