Center of Existence
Level Information
Creator DaddePro
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 3794684
Song Center of Existence
Composer Dj-Nate

Center of Existence is a 1.9 Hard Demon created by DaddePro. This level primarily focuses on game-play, overlooking the decorations.


Center of Existence is probably DaddePro's first demon level ever created in Update 1.9.

The level is constantly very hard due to the numerous fakes, annoying trolls, jump ring clusters, triple spikes and very tight ship sequence.

The level mainly focuses on triple spikes, or sometimes even quadruple spikes, as there is an abundance of them throughout the entire cube section of the level.

Also the level mainly uses 1.4 dark blocks, 1.9 shaded transparent blocks, and 3DL. The level utilizes a few decorations including chains, non-hazard colored saw-blades, etc.

The speed of the level will change into triple after the song drops, while the level becomes more progressively harder and annoying at the moment.


  • Riot crashed at 87%.
  • DaddePro crashed at 95%.
  • Zelda crashed at 98%.


  • This is one of DaddePro's latests levels along with Reunion.
  • The level is still being considered a very hard demon, or sometimes an insane demon.


Center of Existence -DEMON- - DaddePro

Center of Existence -DEMON- - DaddePro

Credits to Riot.