Chaotic Hell
Level Information
Creator MrSaturNuZ
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars Star 10
Level ID 4731566
Song Dr. Phonics - Firepower
Composer DrPhonics

Chaotic Hell is a 1.9 Demon level by MrSaturNuZ. It is rated as an Insane Demon in game, but it’s considered to be a hard demon by many.


The level has lots of trolls such as fake objects, especially in the Cube part, requiring lots of timing and memorization. The ship part uses close spaces and medium timing. It also uses invisible spikes, giving a few seconds to think and act before the player runs into them.


The level starts at slow speed (0.7x), with a moderately hard ship part, which is full of "spike blocks". The player than turns into a cube, where there are lots of trolls. For those who wish to get past the Cube part without watching the video, it is possible to see the fake blocks, as they do not glow. The player will turn into a ball, similar to the previous gameplay, but with more timing. After that, the player will turn into a Cube with normal speed. It also requires some memorisation. It also uses invisible spikes. The background than turns black, with jump pads, and the words "GET ON IT" will appear, and the player will turn into triple speed Wave. This part has trolls, requiring the player to go into the slopes. Then they would continue to a UFO segment. The player has to watch out for the hidden spikes, while timing carefully. The player will turn into a quite easy Ship part, which requires them to go through the blocks. After that, the player wil, turn into a Ball and a difficult Ship part, which requires timing as the player will have to use the orbs and watch out for Gravity Portals. The player will turn into a Cube and will be required to jump at the second orb. The level will finish with the creator's name in it.



  • It is MrSaturNuZ's first and only level to be rated as Demon.
  • MrSaturNuZ has made a sequel called Chaotic Hell II. However, it hasn't gained much popularity compared to the original version. It uses invisible jump orbs and pads.
  • It has been knocked off from the top 10 hardest 1.9 Demon lists by Andromeda, being replaced by Supersonic.


Chaotic Hell (Demon) by Saturnuz - Geometry Dash

Chaotic Hell (Demon) by Saturnuz - Geometry Dash

Gameplay by Andromeda.