Chaoz Impact
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Level Information
Creator Darnoc
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 3081555
Song Chaoz Impact
Composer ParagonX9

Chaoz Impact is a 1.9 Medium Demon created by Darnoc.


This level is probably one of the most famous ones by Darnoc, when he had introduced its popular own style, that would be replicated in his later levels and also by other famous creators in their stages, such as Speed Racer, Chaoz Airflow, Chaoz Impact (D4sh3r), Trance Impact, and more. The level is generally considered an easy demon.


The level starts off with a simple cube section that features quite a handful of slopes, spikes and tricky jump rings. After that, the player enters a dual mini UFO segment, which then leads to a ship sequence, but is quite easy due to it being symmetrical. A faster cube similar to the first one leads to the drop, leading into a change to slow speed with a jump and two blue jump orbs. The beat drops and a very famous part of the level is introduced: a mirrored triple speed wave that requires lots of mashing and crucial timing. This part is quite hard due to tight spaces, gears and mirror mode. The player then goes to a far easier part of the level, which is a mini fast cube with many slopes, saws and rings: some memorization is required to avoid tricks. After that, another annoying part is introduced: a mini ship with straight flying, spikes and gravity portals, which is interspersed by two brief easy cubes. The following part is a dual symmetrical mini wave, far easier than the first one. The level continues in ball mode, when an annoying bug can throw off the player; then the ball becomes single and goes to the end of the level with simple taps and not too many timings. Then, the level ends.


Geometry Dash - Chaoz Impact - by Darnoc

Geometry Dash - Chaoz Impact - by Darnoc

Credits to Darnoc himself. This verification video shows the full walkthrough of Chaoz Impact.