Country Canada
Age 15
Levels 2 (none starred)
Other Info
Crew Unknown
Position Unknown
YouTube Channel [1]

ChiefFlurry is an extremely skilled Canadian Geometry Dash player known for his completion of Sakupen Hell and Sonic Wave, as well as records on other extreme demons. ChiefFlurry streams on Twitch consistently and uploads fails and progress on his YouTube channel . His records on uncompleted levels include 33-99 on Bloodbath, 51-100 on Unnerfed Fexty, 66-96 on Betrayal of Fate, and 41-100 on River Styx, a level previously thought to be impossible which he plans to verify. He is also the verifier of an upcoming Sakupen Hell remake and extension called Kenos, which is currently being decorated by Bianox07. 

Greatest Achivements

  • Sakupen Hell (Currently 25th on the Top 50 Hardest Demons, 100%)
  • Bloodbath (In the Top 40 Hardest Demons, 33%~99%)
  • Retention (Extreme Demon, 62%)
  • Invisihell (a version of Sakupen Hell with 10% visibility)
  • Sonic Wave (In the Top 5 Hardest Demons, 100%)


  • Shitty Challenge
  • Sakupen Wave
  • Invisihell xddd


  • Taking a more "achievementist" approach than "completionist", his ingame stats contrast heavily with his achievements, having only around 1500 stars and 95 Secret Coins.
  • It took about 25k attempts for him to beat Sakupen Hell.
  • It took him over 25k attempts to beat Sonic Wave.