Level Information
Creator RandyR777
Difficulty NA
Stars 0
Level ID 25891789
Song Figures
Composer NK

CiRcLe is an easy Geometry Dash level created by RandyR777, was updated December 2nd, 2016, and is currently not rated.

User Coins

The coins are simple to get.

  • The first one is located in the first ship part at 45%. You need to fly through a two block gap in the platform and collect the coin.
    • In the new version, you have to collect a key at the end of the first cube part in order to collect another key seconds later.
  • The second coin is located at 75%. In order to get this, you need to skip the last of four yellow jump rings and wait a moment. A hidden platform will appear and so will your coin.
    • There is also text that appears when you hit this platform.
  • The last coin is probably the hardest. You need to jump and hit the invisible orb at 93% to collect the coin on top of the platform at 96%.
    • There is a key at the end of the first ship part which makes this part easier.

There are some errors in the level.

  • When collecting the second coin, text will appear that says "No tuch!" Most likely this is supposed to say "No touch!" instead.

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