Classical (RayOriens)
Level Information
Creator RayOriens
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 7294616
Song Classical
Composer NIGHTkilla

Not to be confused with Classical (Darkz).

Classical is a 1.9 Nine Circles Demon by RayOriens, a member of the Juliavanse Team. This is one of the less popular rated remakes and lacks of a feature.

Overview Edit

The level features a teal color scheme (closely to that of Butterfly Effect) and a slightly different design with both Tokyo blocks, but mostly 1.8 objects.

The level is notoriously hard for its ridiculous amount of fake lines and impasses; people nowadays call this a medium or hard demon.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts with an insanely hard cube segment with numerous fake lines and traps everywhere. Here the player mustn't be fooled by some portals, rings and pads because they will lend to an impasse. This part is followed by an hard ship sequence with awkward timings and size/gravity changers; it becomes auto before the ball part which is very hard due to other clusters of traps and fake routes. Then a fast auto cube segment appears, which goes to an easier, still trolling sequence. The beat drops and the triple speed epileptic wave is introduced. Despite its high difficulty, this part is significantly easier than another ones (such as Crimson Clutter and Catastrophic) because it's full of parts in slower speed. The challenges of this part are the mashing and the extremely confusing sequences, both of which are rediculously annoying to clear. The level ends with another confusing cube like the first one, followed by a triple spike, a single spike and a fake one that the player mustn't jump, to not crashing to an hidden spike upside, which is shown when he/she is under it. In this final part, the creator's name and after the name of the level are shown.

Walkthrough Edit

Classical (Demon) by RayOriens - ID 7294616

Classical (Demon) by RayOriens - ID 7294616

Credits to RayOriens. This verification video shows the full walkthrough of Classical.