Clubstep Nightmares
Level Information
Creator Zobros
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 7723236
Song Robotic Nightmares
Composer Dj-Nate

Clubstep Nightmares is an insanely difficult demon created by Zobros. Due to tight spaces, crucial timing and many more tricks, it is generally considered a Very Hard or Insane Demon.


Clubstep Nightmares is likely to be a remake version of Clubstep but, with a robotic-like style and has a different song. The level is twice as hard as Clubstep, because due to the tight spaces, crucial timing, and clusters of fake jump rings and gravity portal.


Clubstep Nightmares' part is similar to those of Clubstep's but was even more harder. However, the design of Clubstep Nightmares is a 1.6 and 1.9 mix.

The level starts as a cube same as Clubstep, which a "monster" will firstly appear, the cube mode will last for 30 seconds, the cube mode is quite hard, and requires crucial timing, skills, and memory.

As the cube switches gravity until the music drops, the ship mode will appear, same as those of Clubstep's ship mode. But was very hard due to the very tight spaces and invisible spikes. Also the background flashes into red and yellow.

The game mode will become a cube again, and also has the same thing as the first cube mode.

The ball mode is one of the hardest parts of the level, it mostly has fake routes and invisible spikes.

The game mode will become a mini UFO, that last for a seconds but is very hard to clear up, then will be a ship mode which is similar to those of Clubstep again. And later will become a cube mode, but requires even more crucial timing and skills/memory.

Then the third ship mode, it a bit harder than the first one, It is more likely to be a mixed of the first and second ship mode. Then the UFO same as those of Clubstep's second UFO mode will be there, but is harder. The game mode will become a hard ship mode, and then, the level creator's name will appear, ending the level.


Geometry Dash - ClubStep Nightmares (Demon) - by Zobros (me)

Geometry Dash - ClubStep Nightmares (Demon) - by Zobros (me)

Credits to Zobros.