Clutterfunk v2 (Pizzaroot)
Screenshot 2016-05-12-19-35-46
Level Information
Creator Player (GW Pizzaroot)
Difficulty Easy Easy
Stars 2 Star
Level ID 351038
Song Clutterfunk
Composer Waterflame

Clutterfunk v2 is a removed remake of the RobTop level Clutterfunk, made by Pizzaroot. Despite the name, the level had an inconspicuous Easy-rating, because it is relatively short and simple. There are some tricks here and there, but despite this, it presents a ridiculous amount of bugs that makes the gameplay practically unthinkable. In February 2017, Pizzaroot got his access to that account back and added a very hard ending to that level, shortly after the level got removed by Robtop. This was the most disliked level ever in the history of Geometry Dash, as it had nearly 900,000 downloads and 60,000 dislikes.


MOST DISLIKED LEVEL - Clutterfunk V2 - player (GW Pizzaroot)00:32

MOST DISLIKED LEVEL - Clutterfunk V2 - player (GW Pizzaroot)

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