Country Taiwan
Age Unknown
Levels 22 (20 starred)
Other Info
Crew None
Position None
YouTube Channel None
Cody is a Taiwanese Geometry Dash player. He is most known for the most downloaded level in the game, Level Easy which got featured in the Beginner Map Pack and has over 2 million likes. He has another account named ' Cody 2' which is also unregistered.

Cody and Kamijo were the only unregistered users that are featured in the top creators leaderboards for some period of time. However, both of them are no longer there as more active creators take their place. There also used to be an unregistered user named 'Geometry Dash', but they later created an account named '99geometrydas', which he changed to '99geometrydash'. An account was recently created for him named IAmCody.

Levels Edit

  • "The Number series"
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4 Dry Out
    • 5
    • 6 Time Machine
    • 7 Back On Track
    • 8 Jumper
    • 9 Cycles
    • 10 xStep
    • 11 Demon EA
    • 12 Clutterfunk
    • 13 ToE
    • 14 Electrodynamix
  • Normal levels
    • Level easy
    • All levels of fun
    • Impossible Game 1
    • Impossible Game 2
    • Impossible Game 3
    • Impossible Game 4
  • Auto levels
    • Time Machine auto
    • Cycles auto
    • xStep auto

picture of his level Level Easy

Trivia Edit

  • The majority of his levels have only numbers or numbers before the level title.
  • He has only created 2 demon levels (12 Clutterfunk and 11 Demon EA). 7 Back On Track was once a demon, but it was downgraded to harder 7 due to its easiness.