Country Canada
Age 14
Levels 42 (1 starred)
Other Info
Crew None
Position None
YouTube Channel

Colon, also known as (-COLON- , TheRealGDColon, Ampersand, Ampersans, Apostrophe, and pretty much every other punctuation mark known to mankind) is a Canadian player, known for his YouTube channel. He is known for uploading unique, non-level videos (as he is not very good at Geometry Dash) and playing copies of Geometry Dash from the Google Play Store. He is also a member of Geometry Dash Wiki (as TheRealGDColon)


  • Colon has currently beaten 14 demons, however he lost Mastergame due to a data loss.
  • His most popular video on YouTube is "What NOT to put in your custom level", made about 1 year ago on Windows Movie Maker
    • However, this video has also gotten a lot of hate.
    • Colon confirmed that he will make a part 2 to this video.
    • The video title has recently been changed to "really old bad video".
  • Colon plays on mobile, although he records and streams on Steam.
  • Colon is friends with GD Juniper.

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