Country Canada
Age "Somewhere from 10-20"
Levels 37
Other Info
Crew None
Position None
YouTube Channel

Colon, known as GD Colon on YouTube, is a Canadian player, known for his YouTube channel. He is known for playing easy levels, (as he is not very good at Geometry Dash) and playing copies of Geometry Dash from the Google Play Store. He is also a member of Geometry Dash Wiki (as C 0 0 L C 0 L 0 N )


  • Colon has currently beaten 8 demons. (ToE2, The Nightmare, Clubstep, Crecsendo, X, Platinum Adventure, The Lightning Road, and Demon Mixed)
  • His most popular video on YouTube is "What NOT to put in your custom level", made about 1 year ago on Windows Movie Maker
    • However, this video has also gotten a lot of hate
    • Colon confirmed that he will make a part 2 to this video
  • Colon plays on mobile, however he records on Steam, as he claims it's "faster"

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